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Established for ‘people who want more’, the KinkyToy Store is a specialist online retailer of sex toys that are a little more diverse. Choose from a wide range of "basics" including anal sex toys, love dolls, lubes and lotions plus novelty and specialty items such as bondage gear, chastity devices, cock and ball torment toys, fucking machines, electro-sex gear swings and sex aids (to name a few).

Make the KinkyToy.Store your first choice and only source for the best adult toys available on the market today.   Keeping your toy-box full has never been easier when you choose from the best selection of adult novelties and erotic toys you will find — right here! 

The Kinky Toy Store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Online Adult Toys Retailer - Canada

Best Online Adult Toys Retailer - Canada

Following extensive preparations, research and deliberation I am absolutely delighted to confirm Kinky Toy Store as one of our champions for the or the 2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards -Best Online Adult Toys Retailer - Canada!

In its inaugural year at LUX Magazine, the 2018 Toy, Game & Gadget Awards looks to show its appreciation to the innovators and fabricators of the devices, puzzles, and objects which have captured the attention and inspired the imagination of the young and old alike.

Whether these amusements and pass times are designed to engage the mind, broaden our hand-eye coordination or allow us to escape from the mundane, The Toy, Game & Gadget Awards will reveal the dedicated architects behind the industry that gives us so much.

We wanted to showcase not only world-famous brands but also smaller, independently run establishments as well as those working behind the scenes to ensure that every consumer has an experience that they will remember for all the right reasons.

Jessie Wilson – Awards Executive – LUX- Life Magazine

How Do I Arrange For An Exchange My Order Instead Or Return?

Exchanges are subject to the Manufacturer's policy and are determined based on the circumstances of each case. Most manufacturers will only offer an exchange of their product if you have received a defective item, and you notify our staff of that immediately upon receipt of your delivery.

Are our packages shipped discreetly? What do your shipping boxes look like and how are the labeled?

All our orders are shipped discretely for your privacy. We use plain brown boxes, UPS, or USPS priority boxes.
Inside the box, you will find a packing slip upon which will appear "KTS" followed by a list of the items contained in the shipment.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Currently, orders ship within 24hrs and orders placed before 2 pm MST ship the same day.

Orders received on days followed by weekends, federal, state, or local holidays are shipped on the next business day. Some delay may be experienced if some or part of your order is temporarily out-of-stock.

Deliveries by UPS, USPS, FedEx, and OnTrac standard ground shipping can be expected to take 3-7 business days for the continental United States. The second day Air UPS is also available and can be expected to take at least 2 business days.

An international order placed with our standard International (3-7 days) ship method on January 27, 2021, before 2 PM MST, arrived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on January 29, 2021, by the end of Day.

An order placed on January 27, 2021, at 11:14 p.m. at our Online Store. It was processed on Thursday, January 28, 2021, and sent out with standard International (3-7 days). DHL delivered it in Edmonton on January 29 2021 at 18:18 Local time.

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping Rates

NOTE: The methods and rates shown below are estimates only. The actual rate will be calculated for the shipping methods available at checkout.

Shipping Rates:

Your order will be shipped from one of our three warehouses in the United States. Our automated fulfillment system sends delivery orders to our warehouse so that verified orders ship within 24 hours of purchase.

Orders addressed for delivery outside of the United States may require payment of duties or taxes before being delivered. In all cases, payment of these amounts is the sole responsibility of the receiver. Any questions you may have regarding these amounts should be directed to import/export authorities in your area.

Orders are shipped using UPS or USPS, depending on size or package or weight, or class of service you select at the time of purchase. "Standard" shipping of orders under 5lbs will be delivered by USPS; orders over 5lbs will be delivered by UPS. Shipping by UPS Ground or other UPS options will be handled by UPS. In some instances, depending on agreements in place between UPS and USPS, a combination of services may be provided, e.g. UPS may be responsible for delivery, however by inter-carrier agreement, USPS may be responsible for final delivery to you once your package arrives in your local area.

Deliveries to P.O. Boxes or Flex Delivery etc.

Except for low value, low weight deliveries carried out by USPS in the continental U.S. deliveries may not be available to P.O. Boxes or Flex Delivery addressing. You should be prepared to provide a street address or residential address at which your delivery can be made United States

All shipping charges are subject to verification by the carrier once packages are received by carriers

Standard Shipping Charges:

• USPS Flat rates apply to packages under 1 pound starting at $6.99
• Over 1lb, shipping charges are based on weight and start at $9.99
• Shipments valued over $250 are delivered by UPS, with rates based on UPS Ground Rates schedules.

UPS Shipping:

UPS shipping fees are subject to a $5.45 fee for packaging and handling. Any discounts or incentives available to us from time to time are passed directly on to our customers.

Estimated Shipping Transit Times:

Transit time calculations begin after the following:
• Add 1 business day for order processing
• Add 1 business day for orders placed and confirmed after 12:00 noon (our cutoff)
• Add 2 days if your order is placed after cutoff on a Friday
• Add 1 day if your order is placed after cutoff on a Friday before a long weekend
• Add 1 day for state or federal holidays occurring during your transit time calculation.
• Add 2 days if deliveries are not made on weekends by either UPS or USPS

And now you can add the estimated shipping times below:
• Standard Shipping: 3-7 Business Days
• UPS Ground: 1-5 Business Days
• Express UPS 2nd Day: 2-Business Days
• International Express: UPS 3-5 Business Days

NOTE: the repeated use of the words "Business Days" - Very Important

International Rates:

International Shipping is carried out by UPS with final delivery by local service if UPS is not available in your area.  Shipping rates are calculated by UPS in real time, with discounts or allowances available passed on to our customers from time to time.

Customs and Brokerage Fees:

Customs inspections and brokerage may delay the delivery of shipments from the US into international locations

Customs and importation agencies of other countries may charge importation fees, taxes and other charges for international shipments. Your local government agencies have the sole responsibility and discretion for assessing the amount of any charges or taxes and may require payment in full before releasing any deliveries to the intended recipients. Payment of any amounts assessed is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Due to the variation in taxation and import policies and procedures, the KinkyToy.Store cannot advise on the likelihood; or amounts that assessed on the importation of your purchases. The KinkyToy.Store is not therefore responsible for payment of these amounts.

Safe Shopping Guarantee

Safe Shopping Guarantee

The Fair Credit Billing Act sets out protections for consumers using credit cards to pay for online purchases and can apply in cases where someone else uses your credit card fraudulently, when a merchant fails to deliver goods as promised, or when a credit card issuer improperly applies for payments.

The information presented here is a brief summary only and doesn't represent the totality of protection, rights or obligations set out in the Act. If you need further information regarding this Act or your rights and obligations, you should consult an attorney familiar with this area of law.

The Act applies to consumers holding credit cards issued by USA-based credit card companies (such as Bank of America, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Discover, Barclays, State Employees’ Credit Union, Boeing Employees’ Credit Union, Chase Schools First Federal Credit Union, Citibank, Golden 1 Credit Union, U.S. Bancorp, and Wells Fargo to name a few) and sets out procedures and time constraints that must be followed when disputes arise regarding credit card transactions.

Unauthorized charges on non-USA-based credit cards held by non-USA-residents are not covered by the Act. Similar legislation may exist and govern non-USA-based credit cards. If you fall outside of the jurisdiction of the Act, you are urged to seek such legal advice as it may be appropriate to determine your rights and obligations when faced with unauthorized charges.

The Act imposes restrictions on creditors through procedural requirements when dealing with consumer billing complaints and investigation of billing errors by creditors. and prohibits creditors from taking actions that adversely affect the consumer's credit standing until an investigation is completed. The Act also affords relief for consumers engaged in dispute resolution, such as allowing consumers to withhold payment of a disputed amount during an investigation, etc.

An important feature of the Act is the limitation of liability to $50 in circumstances where a card was lost or stolen. Although most other disputes have to be initiated in writing, if an unauthorized user makes purchases of $50 or more, you can dispute charges by phone rather than in writing. The purchases may be unauthorized, display an incorrect date or amount, or contain calculation errors. If a good or service was not delivered, that charge can be a dispute

If an unauthorized user makes purchases with a card, the card holder's liabilities are limited to $50 (which issuers generally agree to pay). If you are required to pay the liability limit amount of $50, KinkyToy.Store reimburse you, up to the full $50.00 provided the unauthorized use of your credit card was through no fault of your own, the charges were for purchases made at KinkyToy.Store, and were processed by the KinkyToy.Store's.

If you have a dispute with a merchant regarding online transactions, you can ask the card issuer to withhold payment and for the issuer's help to resolve the dispute; (however, the Act doesn't require a disagreement be settled by the issuer).

In order to avail yourself of the rights and remedies provided by the Act, you must first approach the merchant first; the purchase must exceed $50 and have been made within 100 miles of the card holder's mailing address. You may also be required to notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.