Collection: Impact

In the right hands, the ability to bring their subject to their knees with impact toys within the confines of consensual ritualized erotic play can transmute pain into pure pleasure, taking the subject on a ride of ecstasy and offering a sublime escape into another world of sensation. These tools of the trade are a must have in the world of BDSM, for beginners or seasoned players alike.
71 products
  • Command Impact Cane
  • Puppy Paw Leather Paddle
  • Isabella Sinclaire Intense Impact Cane
  • Wooden Paddle
  • Isabella Sinclaire Black and Red Suede Flogger
  • Leather Padded Paddle
  • Leather Paddle With Slots
  • Deluxe Rounded Paddle with Holes
  • 8 Tail Braided Flogger
  • Strip Tip Whip
  • Textured Blue Silicone CBT Ball Slapper
  • Paddle Me Textured Silicone Paddle
  • Intro to Impact 3 Piece Spanking Kit
  • Imprint Spanking Paddle
  • Premium Leather Ball Handle Flogger
  • Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger